welcome to the team - hans w. jablonski
The D&I expert, Hans Jablonski was one of the first Diversity managers in Germany and is co-founder of the Diversity Charter in Germany and other European countries.
He has gained more than 20 years practical experience in people- and organizational development in different sectors. Read our interview:
JP: “Why is Diversity and Inclusion more than ever so highly important?”
HWJ: “Become employer of choice and the best talents become fans! Diversity & Inclusion make your company attractive for talents and specialists. They create an atmosphere in which creativity can drive and innovation is fostered. Mixed teams demonstrably develop advanced and more sustainable ideas. Thus, internal successful diversity management serves as a dynamic drive that also impacts companies externally: It attracts new talents and specialists to the company.

JP: “You are committed to Diversity and Inclusion. Tell us why?”
HWJ: “Diversity makes the difference and Inclusion makes Diversity successful. This is what I am convinced of and many companies I have worked with share this commitment.
 As one of the first Diversity managers in Germany and in my role as consultant, I have worked with about a third of Germany’s DAX30 companies and several other global corporations from various industries. As an expert and excellent consultant, trainer, and moderator for numerous topics, I worked with members of the top management and senior leaders around the world, e.g., USA, Brazil, India, China, Japan, and various countries across Europe.”

JP: “How could companies and organizations benefit from your experience?”
HWJ: “As I’m passionate to their success, I am happy to support them from the planning phase of their diversity strategy throughout its global or local implementation steps. My keynotes are convincing and entertaining and full of practical examples. My interactive workshops are known as hands-on, practical, and fact-based. They elaborate on useful examples from everyday business life to explain what is behind diversity and what makes diversity understandable and tangible.”

JP: “Thank you, Hans. Glad to have you in our team.”

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