Ahoi - Agnes & Lisa on Board
Even if we didn't sail across the big pond, we flew over the small pond – the Baltic Sea. In Helsinki, during the C-TO-BE strategy meeting, we opened the logbook and set the course for the future.
Here in Helsinki, the boundaries between sea and the city are fluid. Three days in this wonderful city unleash our creativity. The attitude to life of the Finns, shaped by the relationship between land and sea, also inspired us. The evenings we enjoyed - drinking gin and tonic – with a view from the casual roof-top bars of the city into the vastness of Finland.  The country continues in hundreds of islands and archipelagos. Even though we have learned little Finnish, we have even more plans. After parental leave, Agnes Kosmalski gets back, Lisa Portner remains on board. We are working on our new website and are looking forward to exciting projects with our existing and new clients.
Hei hei, always good ride and a handful of water under the keel.

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26.05.2023 | e-mail negotiations

Notice! When e-mail is best for negotiation
Meeting face-to-face, whether in person or via video, may seem like the gold standard for negotiation, but negotiating via e-mail can offer the following three advantages:

27.04.2023 | willkommen im team - noelia gonzález vila

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Noelia González Vila das C-TO-BE-Team ab sofort mit ihrer Expertise unterstützt.

29.03.2023 | herzlich willkommen - molly ng

Das C-TO-BE-Team wächst stetig. Seit kurzem unterstützt Molly NG das C-TO-BE-Team als Trainerin für „interkulturelle Kompetenz Thailand“.

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