do you still want to improve your negotiation skills? these are the 7 best books on how to negotiate
Your ability to negotiate with your bosses, investors, customers and colleagues determines whether your career or your business flies high or falls flat. These are the seven books about negotiation that every negotiator should own, read and master:
how to deal with threats: 4 negotiation tips for dealing with conflict at the bargaining table
How should you respond when the other side threatens to walk away, file a lawsuit, or damage your reputation? Sooner or later most of us faced with threats at the negotiation table. Direct counterattacks are rarely the answer. They could launch an uncontrollable spiral of conflict. Alternatively, you might be tempted to immediately give in to your opponent’s demands, which would probably only reinforce their domineering tactics.
The Project on Negotiation recommends the DEAL approach. It allows you to redirect talks toward a focus on each other’s interests. Below you will find negotiation tips for using the DEAL method.
Ahoi - Agnes & Lisa on Board
Even if we didn't sail across the big pond, we flew over the small pond – the Baltic Sea. In Helsinki, during the C-TO-BE strategy meeting, we opened the logbook and set the course for the future.
why it could be smart to use the contrast effect in price negotiations
In price negotiations, it’s always better when someone accepts your offer rather than rejecting it, right? Actually, rejection can sometimes be a smart way to get to “yes” on your second-best offer.

Apple is selling AirPods 3. Generation for $179, and AirPods Pro for $ 249 on their website. Eventually in December 2020, the company also began selling, Airpods Max the ultimate high-end product. This one priced at $549. Which Airpods are right for you?
should negotiatiors avoid the word "deal"
Usually closing the deal is the final goal negotiators are striving for. But skilled negotiators know that everyone who is involved in a cooperation often benefits when dealmakers focus even well beyond the finish line.
how to overcome intercultural barriers
Why you should consider these three tips for avoiding intercultural barriers when preparing for negotiation between two parties from different cultures: You are well prepared, both sides speak English fluently and you have best of intentions? Great! But watch out: Although everything theoretically should work well, business negotiators from different cultures face additional special challenges.
new! mind-body connection integrated in many trainings
We look forward to working together with Stefanie Konrad, an experienced yoga teacher. Yet Steffi is more but a yoga teacher. Her main job is being a Process Manager at a chemical company. Steffi knows the corporate world by heart, and she practiced home office during the pandemic. Why not bringing both worlds together? Relaxing your mind & body can help ease stress in business. It can also relieve anxiety, depression, and concentration problems. As a result, we proudly present four modules, that will be integrated in many of our trainings.
quiz: how much does personality in negotiation matter?
How the “Big 5” (OCEAN-Model) influences our negotiation performance.
We tend to have strong beliefs about which personality characteristics help or hinder us in negotiation, but does research on the topic confirm our perception?

Before we explore this topic, please answer “True” or “False” in response to the following questions:

new! how to do business with germany
Germany is Europe’s largest economy and a profitable place to do business, where facts, task-orientation and direct communication play central roles.  Become aware of the common issues caused by cultural differences in working practices and communication styles and develop a detailed understanding of German cultural expectations of business and social behaviors.
business presentation skills are a critical factor for leaders and sales managers in uae if they want to succeed
Millions of business presentations are given across the globe every day and thousands of presentations in Dubai, UAE. The need for managers and team members of a Chemical Company to give sales-pitches has become the norm. Yet, most of us don't like standing up and speaking in front of others. It can be a stressful experience, and for few they are overwhelmed by the fear of giving presentations. 

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