C-TO:BE THE COACHING COMPANY is a management consultancy of communication & leadership skills development. Based in Munich we support companies in Germany and around the world with consulting, business coaching, management training and team development. Our experts have different main focuses: change management, intercultural communication, sales training or leadership. We use behavioral methodologies which are research-based and measurable.

Operating for more than 20 years across all industries, C-TO:BE THE COACHING COMPANY has a client base that consists of some of Germany’s largest and best-known companies, such as Volkswagen AG, DAIMLER AG and AIRBUS SE.

We are specialized in NEGOTIATING. We help organizations drive profitability, increase efficiency and reduce cost.  Effective negotiation is more important than ever. Whether you are dealing with a merger, managing trade union agreements, dealing with disrupted supply chains, or navigating internal and external problem solving, negotiation is an essential skill for guaranteed success. Known for creation of the NEGO-Strategy, which is a proven negotiation approach C-TO:BE has worked with thousands of negotiators, leaders and communicators worldwide, helping them improve their performances.


We promote high standards of ethical behavior, value for our clients and professional development, as well as remaining committed to continual digital innovation in the delivery of our programmes. We believe in cooperation and joint problem solving to achieve results that will satisfy both sides’ needs.


We help our clients become better, more confident and more successful negotiators and leaders. We partner with them in the planning, strategy, tactics and implementation of their development, ensuring the best possible outcomes every time.