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Resilience and Mindfulness - Overview, Creativity, and Inner Strength

Resilience, stress capacity, and flexibility - these are all qualities that are urgently needed in everyday business life today. The speed at which information, know-how, innovations, and complex situations are revolving around us is enormous. In addition to foresight and intuition, we are required to guide ourselves and our employees calmly and stably through complex change processes. Resilient people can react flexibly to the demands of changing, challenging situations and always manage to get back on their feet. 

In our two-day seminar, you will learn how to counterbalance the increasing pace with an overview, creativity, and inner strength. The Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®) is a self-management and resilience training program developed by Dr. Frank Krause and Dr. Maja Storch for the University of Zurich. It is continuously monitored scientifically for its lasting effect. ZRM® is based on the latest neuroscientific findings on human learning and behavior. It systematically incorporates cognitive, emotional, and physiological elements into the development process. Through a varied sequence of systemic analyses, coaching, theoretical presentations, and interactive self-help techniques, participants develop and expand their resilience skills. A particular focus here is on mindfulness. A mindful, conscious relationship with oneself and others serves as targeted burn-out prevention.
Overload and symptoms of exhaustion are recognized as they arise. They are taken seriously and resolved before an illness can occur. People in management positions in particular are often under great time constraints and emotional pressure, especially if they have a dual work and family life. This often results in a lack of self-empathy, which endangers their own health and well-being in the long term.

This course shows you ways of coping with stress and excessive demands with more composure.

  • You will learn about the seven pillars of resilience
  • You will strengthen your resilience through clearer self-awareness, self-management, and realistic acceptance
  • You will become permanently more relaxed and calmer when dealing with turbulent times of change
  • You will be more mindful of yourself and your environment
  • Suggestions for stress management and rapid regeneration
  • Recognize body signals and limits in good time
  • Get out of ruminative cycles by pausing and taking a breather
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Self-acceptance, inner strength, and social skills
  • Moving from action to awareness
  • Developing presence in everyday life
  • Finding inner peace and clarity

Contents of the Training

Day 1


  • The history of the term and significance for the development of one's own psychological resilience.
  • The framework of personal and professional effectiveness.
  • Factors and key elements for more inner resilience


  • Facing change with the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM)
  • Importance of formulating goals
  • Interaction of body - thoughts - actions
  • Embodiment: Recognizing the body as a resource
  • Multicoding: Knowing and using your personal pool of resources
  • Involving social resources: Of mentors, role models, and companions

Day 2


  • Lectures on the causes of stress, on the positive affect of mindfulness on health according to current findings from brain research and on perception and presence in everyday life alternate with practical mindfulness exercises and group discussions.
  • Your trainer will gently and sensitively introduce you to the art of meditation. 
  • Through the guided practice of sitting meditation with mindfulness of the breath, gentle yoga exercises, body meditation (body scan), and walking meditation (outdoors when the weather is fine), you will discover new creative possibilities and spaces to make your professional and private everyday life more mindful and conscious in the future

Trainer input, group exercises, facilitated field reports, field-tested exercises, individual work, practical cases, discussions, and live coaching

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