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Break New Ground 

Experiental Coaching

We live in an "overload society"
Today, the biggest problem is the omnipresent "too much".

Too much information, too much stress, too much complexity, too much activity, too much food... Stress-related symptoms, from tense neck muscles to various psychosomatic ailments, are on the rise. At the same time, the search for meaning is intensifying after the end of the prosperity boom, and Far Eastern currents are finding their way into our thinking. Body, mind, and psyche are longing for clarity and relaxation. Do you want to work on your issues away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Clear your head and concentrate on yourself during a quiet walk in the forest, meditative stand-up paddling, or in the climbing forest?

In our experiential coaching sessions, you will deal intensively with the following three areas:

1. Activating physical resources
You will reflect on how you deal with your body, eat healthily, exercise, and stay fit.
2. Optimize work-life blending
You will develop ways of dealing with the dynamics of family, partnership, and work in a balanced way. 
3. Develop maturity skills
You will develop the ability to make independent decisions in complex life situations or crises.


Training OFFERS

Psychologists have long known that behavioral changes are easier to implement in a relaxed atmosphere. Our own experience confirms this, and this is exactly where our experiential coaching approach comes in. Break new ground, get out of the office and into nature. Discover that less is more. Much more!

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