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Intercultural Competence in India

The participants are sensitized to cultural differences and similarities between Germany and India. They come to terms with their own cultural imprint and learn about the most important Indian and German cultural standards. They recognize the impact of these cultural differences on communication and cooperation in the corporate context. As a focal point, we work out the differences and synergy potentials between companies in India and Germany. 

Target Group
Employees who have working contacts with internal/external Indian stakeholders, collaborate on a virtual level or make business trips to India.

Aim of the Training

  • You will learn to be able to act under intercultural conditions in order to effectively achieve your goals abroad.
  • You will acquire a basic knowledge of Indians (culture and way of working) and the differences to your own cultural environment
  • You will prepare yourself for concrete situations in your daily work in India in order to make appropriate decisions.
  • You will acquire intercultural knowledge that will prepare you for professional and private interactions with Indian colleagues and partners.
  • You will learn coping strategies for realistic conflict situations between the Indian and your own culture.

Contents of the Training

Change of Perspective
  • Reflection on the term "culture"
  • Function of stereotypes and prejudices
  • Facts about India: country, culture, politics, economy, and society
  • Values and attitudes of different generations in India
Working with Indians
  • Religion and caste system in India: Influence on everyday life
  • Indian behavioral standards: What makes Indians tick?
  • Working culture in Indian companies and business relations with Indians
  • Correspondence and telephone conversations, non-verbal communication
  • Conflict management, interpretation of "no problem" and "yes and no
  • Food culture in India
  • Dealing with Indian personnel
  • Role of women in India

Trainer input, practical simulations of dialogues and discussions in groups, practical exercises on concrete situations from the business environment, basic survival tips, and list of Dos & Don'ts
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