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Actor & Project Manager 

Wolfgang Schatz

Soko Kitzbühel, The Bull of Tölz, Tatort... he's known for it. Not to forget Wolfgang Schatz's role as the voice of Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons - 'Haha!' Wolfgang Schatz is an actor. But Wolfgang is also a business actor. He possesses a unique blend of acting and professional expertise, enabling him to quickly and effectively bring content to life on stage and moderate and train as a facilitator. Time and again, he impresses with how swiftly, confidently, and realistically he steps into roles, significantly influencing the success of conversation simulations in trainings. Participants consistently provide positive feedback.
Main Topics
  • Negotiation in Purchasing and Sales
  • Project Management, Leadership, Teamwork, Change Management, and Compliance
  • Systemic Constellation, Conflict Management, Transactional Analysis
  • Communication Models According to Schulz von Thun and Rosenberg
  • Agile Project Management, Intercultural Topics
  • Tips and Tricks for Online Negotiations
Professional Development 
  • Experienced business actor with a preference for challenging roles and complex characters
  • Since 2007: Seminar actor and project leader, among others, for Siemens, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, MAN, Roche, Swiss Stock Exchange, ZF, Allianz SE, Partners Group, Benteler, Schaeffler, Noerr, BME, Credit Suisse, DZ Bank, ThyssenKrupp, KMPG, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, PARI, and BayernLB
  • Highlight: Global Siemens Negotiation Excellence Training with more than 1,200 participants from 18 countries
  • Since 1988: Actor and speaker in cinema and television: Tatort, Rosenheim Cops, Der Bulle von Tölz, Derrick and many more
  • Since 1988: Voice actor for The Simpsons and South Park, among others

Training Languages
German and English
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