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Why Diversity Matters 

Diversity Basics

The training aims to strengthen awareness of diversity and inclusion, reflect on different perspectives, and empower participants to actively contribute to the creation of an inclusive corporate culture. Values such as respect, innovation, and team cohesion are emphasized and significantly enhance the innovation capability and creativity of teams, thus contributing to the long-term success of the company.
Target group: Employees from all areas who want to raise awareness for diversity within the company.
Contents of the Training:

  • Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion: An interactive introduction to the central concepts of diversity and inclusion to establish a common understanding.
  • Self-reflection and Diversity of Perspectives: Practical exercises for identifying one's own perspectives and appreciating the diversity within the team.
  • Empathy and Communication: Training on empathy and effective communication to promote a supportive work environment.
  • Diversity in Team Management: Strategies for fostering a diverse team culture and for effective collaboration in heterogeneous groups.
  • Inclusive Leadership: How leaders can develop an inclusive leadership culture that recognizes the strengths of all employees.

Trainer input and group discussions, practical exercises on specific situations, group work, exchange of experiences.

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