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Strength Through Resilience 

Mindfulness Training

Increasing stresses at work and in relationships challenge us on a daily basis. In order to cope with these demands, sensible stress and resource management is enormously important.

Only in this way can we manage to stay present and healthy in the long term. To protect yourself from the consequences of too much stress and to prevent burnout, you should first and foremost listen carefully to yourself, your body, and your needs.
Only those who are mindful of themselves can learn to allow themselves to rest at the right moment, hand over responsibility, and withstand pressure to perform without wearing themselves out. 

Target Group
Employees from all areas who want to learn about the effects of positive and negative stress factors and how to deal with themselves successfully. The seminar is aimed at people who are looking for a haven of peace and inner orientation so that they can become more vital and feel more joy in life.

Contents of the Training

Demand dilemma: Balance between external and self-determination

  • Analysis of risk and stress factors in life and work style

  • Role conflicts between job, family, and personal fulfillment
  • Discovering and activating hidden potential 
  • Establish meaning and satisfaction through active self-management in daily life
  • Achieve more serenity, vitality, and joy of life through mindfulness

Mindfulness: A holistic approach to stress management

  • The phenomenon of stress: Examine your own stress behavior and recognize what anxiety and stress cause

  • What stress factors are we exposed to in our everyday professional and private lives?

  • Resilience: Increasing mental and physical resilience

  • Gaining awareness in dealing with oneself: A healthy psyche helps in difficult times

  • Which behaviors lead to lasting changes?

Peace of mind: Turning off the mental cinema

  • New ways to deal with sensations, feelings, and emotions

  • How to deal with fears and worries as stress-free as possible

  • Dealing with anger and rage: How can anger be resolved?

  • Mood management: Becoming aware of your own moods
  • Getting out of the mental carousel

Burn-out prevention

  • How to recognize signs of burn-out and physical reactions in time

  • Burn-out: Chronic stress, exhaustion of daily life

  • Who is particularly at risk? Knowing and paying attention to drivers for a burn-out
  • The phases of a burn-out: commitment - exhaustion - alienation - collapse

  • Work-life balance: Ways to the middle or escape to the extremes

Trainer input, practical simulations of dialogues and discussions in groups, practical exercises on concrete situations from the company environment, basic survivals, and list of Dos & Don'ts.

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