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Team Development

Regardless of the industry and company size, people work in teams everywhere. Support your team with professional team development so that it is productive and successful.
Forming. We help with the formation of the team
  • Our team is coming together. How do we get to know each other?
  • How can we develop a vision and mission?
  • How can we define clear task descriptions right from the start?
Storming. With C-TO-BE, the team learns how to deal with conflicts.
  • We have difficulties. How can we change the situation in the long term?
  • We have problems with interfaces to other departments. What can we do differently?
  • The corporate philosophy does not correspond to the management culture. How should we deal with this?
  • The team members are afraid to admit mistakes. How do we establish a constructive error culture?
  • We have a lot of visions, but there is a lack of implementation. What can we do?
Norming. We help your team to organize itself.
  • How do we organize ourselves so that everyone can do a lot of what he/she likes to do? 
  • How do we document project progress and avoid regression?
  • The demands are high and employees are under pressure. How do we get extreme stress situations under control?
  • How do we manage a high workload with few employees?
  • We have to make an important decision. Who can provide us with professional support?
Performing. We support productive collaboration.
  • Is communication working in our team?
  • Are we satisfied with the management of the team?
  • We have a case of bullying. How do we resolve this situation?

Adjourning. Now it's time to say goodbye.
  • Our project team is disbanding. How can we organize this restructuring process together?
  • How much space do we give to the mourning phase? 
  • How can we let go and look forward to something new?

C-TO-BE. THE COACHING COMPANY uses the following instruments in team coaching as required: the model of inner drivers from transactional analysis, the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), the Team Management System, the DISG team profile, C.A.R.E, the Honey-Mumford learning style analysis and problem solving according to the Harvard concept by Fisher & Ury.

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