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We are committed to you with full dedication and the highest degree of professionalism. For years, our clients have trusted in the expertise of our consultants, coaches, facilitators and trainers, as well as in the sustainability of the results of consulting, coaching and training. Our reliable back office is always and quickly there for you.

What does C-TO-BE mean?
"What does the ‘C’  stand for?" is something that we are asked time and again. The "C" stands for "COACHING." But the "C" can also stand for Consulting, Chances, Change Management, Charisma, Comeback, Common Sense, Countdown, Courage or Contact to avoid Chaos, Clinch and Crash. Courageously we code content into a curriculum with the charming crew up to the cinematic crescendo. Cool, isn't it?

And what does "TO-BE" mean? "TO-BE" means the "future." In William Shakespeare's "Hamlet", in the 1st scene of the 3rd act, Hamlet speaks his famous soliloquy "To be or not to be," which has become deeply embedded in language over centuries. Hamlet is concerned with the question of what is easier to bear, life with its challenges ("to be") or death ("not to be"). We stand for life. For that which is true. We love life and face challenges with confidence.

... and TAKE THE CHAIR!?
TAKE THE CHAIR! is our guiding principle, our passion and our mission. It means "taking the chair" or "taking responsibility".  We take responsibility for the success of consulting, coaching and training in your companies, while the participants take responsibility for themselves.

The advantages of taking responsibility include:

  • More self-awareness and self-confidence as you make your own decisions and face their consequences.
  • More control over one's own life and future.
  • More personal responsibility and self-motivation as one wisely weighs one's options and stays true to oneself.
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth as you challenge yourself and work toward your goals.

Who we are?
We are a team of highly experienced trainers with a strong commitment to individual areas of focus. We would be happy to advise you on who the right experts are for you and your target group. As a team, we work together when necessary and can thus also handle larger projects. This ensures that a large number of participants can be trained at different locations. Learn more about us under Team.

What we offer?
Whether you want to develop your managers, train your sales staff, get your purchasing staff in shape or are looking for an excellent coach for personal one-on-one coaching, C-TO-BE. THE COACHING COMPANY is the right place for you. On our website you will get a first impression of how we work and what we offer. Feel free to contact us for a non-binding consultation. We will put together the right package for your needs, taking into account the existing knowledge of your employees, the time you want to invest and, of course, your budget.
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Where you can find us?

Our office is located in Ambach on Lake Starnberg, where 300 people live. We love the lake and nature. In summer we go swimming during our lunch break, and in winter there are even days when we can go ice skating. It's a wonderful place to work!

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Book tips

For anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge, we recommend the specialist literature from C-TO-BE. Order directly from us now.

Virtual Negotiation. An Optimal Approach to Online Negotiations
Better Negotiating. The Training Book
Flexibel verhandeln. Die vier Fälle der NEGO-Strategie (German version)
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