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Negotiating Flexibly - The Four Cases of NEGO-Strategy 

Flexibel Verhandeln

Let's be honest, are you still arguing or are you negotiating? With friend or enemy? In private and professional negotiations, we encounter both. That's why true professionals always negotiate flexibly and master a large range of skills. On the one hand, they want to achieve sustainable results at the observable level. On the other hand, they want to push through their ideas and come out of the negotiation a winner. How can one succeed at this apparent balancing act?

In her new book, negotiation expert Jutta Portner shows how you can optimally adapt to any negotiating partner using the NEGO-strategy, which is especially helpful if your environment is characterized by self-interest and competition. Through a precise analysis of the four situations of flexible negotiation, which includes FRIEND MEETS FRIEND, ENEMY MEETS ENEMY, FRIEND MEETS ENEMY, and ENEMY MEETS FRIEND, Jutta Portner vividly describes all variants. Whether in private breakups, salary negotiations, or complex professional negotiations, you will learn how to cooperate and compete at the same time. This is how every negotiation succeeds.

Versions are available in German and Chinese.
Flexibel verhandeln
Die vier Fälle der NEGO-Strategie
Jutta Portner I GABAL VERLAG


Negotiating Flexibly is also published in Chinese

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