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Convince with Natural Authority! 

Project Leadership

Leading professionally without disciplinary authority is a challenging task. Convince with natural authority, clarity and relationship orientation. Get to know your scope of action in lateral leadership and take a targeted look at your leadership role.

Learn how to motivate, deal constructively with resistance and successfully shape successful collaboration with the help of effective leadership tools. Gain recognition and respect through openness, persuasiveness and an authentic leadership style. This training course teaches you the basics of successful leadership without disciplinary authority.
You will reflect on your leadership skills and receive many useful practical recommendations that will help you to lead with professional competence and natural authority.

  • You will get to know your scope of action.
  • You will examine your leadership role and reflect on how you see yourself and how others see you.
  • You will receive feedback on your leadership behavior and communication style.
  • You will work on improving your assertiveness.
  • You will gain confidence in your appearance and in exercising your leadership function.

Contents of the Training

Successful leadership without disciplinary authority
  • The new task: to be given leadership, to exercise leadership.
  • Accepting responsibility and being accountable.
  • Securing recognition and acceptance as a manager.
  • Dealing confidently with the new role.
  • Leading with determination.

Setting the tone without offending others
  • Appropriate behavior in the "sandwich position".
  • Setting professional boundaries while remaining a colleague.
  • Principles for contemporary leadership.
  • Authority through personal and social skills.
  • Treating employees and teams with respect.

Effective tools for lateral leadership
  • Demand and promote performance.
  • Situational leadership, utilizing potential.
  • Results-oriented, clear delegation of tasks.
  • Constructive and motivating discussions.
  • Dealing with resistance with confidence.

Pitfalls and stumbling blocks
  • Asserting yourself in difficult situations.
  • Avoiding typical mistakes.
  • Developing dos and don'ts.
Trainer input, discussion, practical simulations of dialogs and discussions in groups, peer consultation on specific situations from the business environment

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