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The Time Has Come - I Want to Make a Change! 

My Own Way


Coaching can also be very practical guidance and support. One of the best-known coaching routes is the Way of St. James to Santiago di Compostela.


Change processes happen most easily:
  • when you consciously take time for introspection, to reflect in peace, and to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings.
  • when you consciously create a space in which you can safely experiment with how new behaviors affect you and others.
  • if you want to get out of the everyday trap and get rid of everyday habits.
Many people have already experienced it and have stories to tell: Consciously traveling the path of St. James gives you an intense feeling of freedom. You are on the move and experience your own rhythm through close contact with nature. You experience the essentials independently of external constraints and expectations, schedules, and online meetings. You can - indeed, you must - slow down and pace yourself. Enjoy the luxury of focusing only on yourself.

If you would like to walk the Camino, we will either support you by accompanying you directly for a week during your pilgrimage and will be there to answer all your questions along the way - or you can spontaneously say "I'm off!" and we will put together a "mental" preparation program for the start of your journey.

You will learn from us

  • General information about the Camino di Santiago
  • An atmospheric picture presentation to get you in the mood
  • Detailed experience reports from coaches and trainees who have made the pilgrimage
  • Tips for magical places and places of power along the way
  • Tips and tricks for "coming to yourself" on the Camino
  • Recommendations for "reintegration" after the path

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