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Dealing With Power Structures

Dealing with power is part of everyday professional life. Dominance and status behavior are always a central instrument for enforcing decisions. We cannot avoid them and only have the choice between high status (respect) or low status (sympathy). Status determines how we communicate and what we achieve. As long as power remains a taboo, the way it is exercised and the goals associated with it will never be questioned or even changed.
In this seminar, you will reflect on your own way of dealing with power and status and exerting micropolitical influence. You will become more aware of the power structures in your environment and perceive power constellations in a more differentiated way. You will deepen your competence in shaping your own sphere of influence.

Contents of the Training

Getting to know status models
  • Raising the unconscious handling of status to a conscious level
  • Analysis of existing work relationships and relationship networks
  • Visualizing and reflecting on one's own and others' power strategies and behaviors
Questioning role behavior
  • Overcoming clichés. Competing men are seen as alpha males, but competing women are seen as bossy. Leaders who are too lenient are seen as weak in assertiveness, while leaders who are too tough lack social competence.
  • Recognize overt and covert micropolitical strategies, tactics, and control techniques
Adjusting one's own communication style
  • Using voice and language as a means of impact
  • Body language of high and low status individuals
Becoming a status artist
  • Professionally manage the balancing act between necessary distance and meaningful closeness to clients/employees/customers/superiors
  • Developing the willingness to leave one's own preferred status in social stress situations.
  • Developing options for dealing with micropolitical aspects of your everyday life
Theoretical input, exchange of experiences, group and individual work, simulation of everyday situations, constellation work, and practical case work.

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