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Different Is Different. Different Is Not Wrong 

Intercultural Competence

Why do Indian business partners wobble their heads?
Why do decisions often take a long time in China?
Intercultural competence refers to the ability to interact successfully in an environment with people from different cultures.  It focuses on understanding and respecting other cultures and their values, norms, and behaviors in order to communicate and collaborate effectively in a multicultural environment.

Intercultural competence also includes the ability to reflect on and question one's own culture and its values, and to be flexible and adaptable. A person with intercultural competence understands that cultures are different and that there is no single "right" way of perceiving and doing things.

Intercultural training can help to avoid misunderstandings, improve cooperation, and increase performance.

Who attends intercultural training?
Employees who are in contact with people from different cultures, either within the company or when dealing with customers, suppliers, or business partners, expand their knowledge of dealing with other cultures. An intercultural training can also be attended by employees who will move or travel to work for a company in another country. Basically, intercultural training is relevant for all employees and managers who work and interact in a multicultural environment.
C-TO-BE offers country-specific trainings for China, India, USA, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Our intercultural trainers come from the respective culture or have lived and worked there. With their extensive cultural background knowledge, they make you fit for the international market and working in international projects.

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