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Me Too?! Harassment-Free Workplace

Even more than four years after the MeToo movement, numerous individuals continue to be victims of (sexual) harassment in the workplace. Therefore, every company should take measures to prevent such incidents. The most effective approach is sustainable awareness-raising among the personnel. Through a compelling mix of practical examples, gamification, explainer videos, and infographics, we create a lasting awareness for the prevention of (sexual) harassment among your employees. The focus is on practical approaches to empower participants to actively contribute to a harassment-free work environment.
Target group: Employees from all departments seeking to promote a harassment-free workplace. The training provides practical tools for managers and employees to create a safe and inclusive work environment where everyone can unleash their full potential.

Contents of the Training

 • What constitutes (sexual) harassment in the workplace? Definition and types of harassment: Clarification of forms of harassment, from verbal to gender-specific harassment.
 • How do professional hierarchies influence the handling of harassment? Effects on individuals and the company: Analysis of the consequences of harassment on mental well-being, productivity, and the company's reputation.
 • How can I question my own behavior? Empathy and active listening: Practical exercises to promote empathetic communication and an open, supportive work environment.
 • How can I prevent harassing behavior and protect victims? Prevention and intervention: Implementation of measures to prevent harassment and training for effective intervention and reporting of incidents.
 • What can I do as an affected person against (sexual) harassment in the workplace? Conflict resolution and mediation: Development of skills for conflict resolution and mediation to promote positive and constructive communication.

Trainer input and group discussions, practical exercises on specific situations, group work, exchange of experiences.

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