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Systemic Coaching

What are systemic organizational constellations?
System-dynamic organizational consulting views organizations as wholes.

It does not focus its attention on isolated units, such as employees, managers, customers, or departments, but rather perceives the company as a complex interplay of its individual elements.

The individual elements of a system are in constant interaction with each other. Every change in one place results in changes in all other places.

System dynamic constellations are based on Bert Hellinger's family constellation method.
When is a systemic organizational constellation useful?
  • If you ask yourself the following questions, then a system dynamic constellation is right for you:
  • I have the feeling that a conflict shift is taking place in my company. What is the real issue behind the problem?
  • We have problems within the management. Why is the atmosphere confused and insecure, and why does no one dare to address this situation?
  • "Motivate my people!" Do you know these words? What exactly is the reason why employees are unmotivated?
  • We have carried out training measures as proof of our good will and commitment. Why does nothing change in employee behavior?
  • We have good people, a good product, and still the orders don’t come in. Why is that?

What is the aim of a systemic organizational constellation?
The aim of a systemic organizational constellation is to achieve clarity in large, overarching contexts. Our constellation work is based on the theories of Klaus Grochowiak and Joachim Castella, the editors of the book “Systemdynamische Organisationsberatung (System-Dynamic Organizational Consulting)”, Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag.

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