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We Advise and Support You During Change Processes 


What is a change architecture?
Consultancy addresses the specific concern of a management, a department or an individual executive. The focus is usually on the design of a change process within an organization, which may include the development of strategies, the optimization of business processes, the implementation of technologies, or other changes. Two key success factors in such a process are the establishment of a custom-fit change architecture and the integration of all participants by a change coach. Together, the client and the consultant develop a vision, clear goals, a suitable strategy, and the implementation thereof.

In change management projects, we always take a holistic view of the initial situation, including the environment, the various target groups (e.g. employees, customers, suppliers), stakeholders, and other individual, contextual factors.

In the second step, the principles of the organizational structure and the goals of the new organizational form are formulated with the support of our experts.
As a rule, various alternatives are then examined for advantages and disadvantages, after which a decision is made on a scenario and on how to proceed.

Where do you want to go?
What is the focus of your change project?

  • Become more customer-oriented / Reach the customer(s)
  • Become more control-oriented /Optimize monitoring
  • Becoming more market oriented / Adapt to changing markets
  • Becoming more product-oriented / Improve development and production processes
  • Become more process oriented / Establish clear processes and procedures within the organization
  • Become more project oriented / Establish and ensure project work, both globally and virtually
  • Become more hierarchy oriented / Establish new divisional, departmental, and team structures
  • Become more team oriented / Promote employees and their development

Which organizational principles do you want to build your company around? 

There is no standard answer to this question. Every company fulfills different functions for its customers, shareholders, employees, and society. Our OD experts work with you to develop the right strategy, which in turn requires an effective organizational form for implementation.

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