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An Optimal Approach to Online Negotiations 

Virtual Negotiation

Master your next online negotiation with confidence!

Negotiating online is a challenge in itself. The other party has their camera turned off, so you're forced to speak into the void, receiving no valuable feedback through facial expressions. Has the other party even understood your proposal to begin with? Is someone listening in on the conversation? If so, who? Or maybe you're struggling to establish or maintain a connection. Even for experienced negotiators, this new way of negotiating is fraught with uncertainty. We have yet to develop sufficient expertise in remote negotiation. 

But did you know that large corporations are already closing deals worth billions using platforms like MS Teams? Online negotiation will continue to play an important role in the future, as it helps to save resources such as travel time and travel costs.

Learn how to adapt your negotiation skills for remote negotiation and how to deal with emails, phone calls, and video and audio disruptions that interrupt the flow of a negotiation. Acquire confidence in the face of adversity and make this new core skill your own.

This book by negotiation expert Jutta Portner is for anyone who no longer negotiates only in person. Become a virtual negotiation pro!

Virtual Negotiation
An Optimal Approach to Online Negotiations

Virtuell verhandeln

Online-Verhandlungen optimal führen
Jutta Portner I GABAL VERLAG (August 2023)


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