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An Optimal Approach to Online Negotiations 

Virtual Negotiation

Negotiations have not been spared from digitalization in recent years. More and more negotiations are being conducted virtually. A complex topic, many parties involved, and all online? Virtual negotiation brings challenges, but also advantages. Many negotiators have already gained initial experience in virtual negotiations. It usually works well, but sometimes it may not. The training course "Negotiating virtually. How to conduct online negotiations optimally" highlights the differences between face-to-face negotiations and online negotiations. It deals with reservations about this new type of negotiation. You will learn how to "Get off to a good start" and prepare successfully for a virtual negotiation. "Very close and yet so far away" - Even in the online world, we cannot negotiate without contact and communication, and yet both are very different in virtual spaces.
Many of you will have already experienced how uncomfortable it is to speak into black holes.

You will receive tips on how to overcome the limitations of body language. Under the training content item "But it is possible! Influence in virtual negotiations", you will learn how best to proceed virtually, depending on whether you want to negotiate cooperatively or competitively. We also examine the difficulties that can arise in remote negotiations and how you as a negotiator can best deal with them. The last training chapter, "Always keep the overview", shows how important it is to use the first mover advantage and to lead from the outset. This is the only way to stay in control of your virtual negotiation.

Contents of the Training

  • Why negotiating in video conferences is different
  • What does Maslow's Pyramid of Needs have to do with online negotiations?
  • Well prepared for the start: Successful preparation for online negotiations
  • Very close and yet so far away: Communication in remote negotiations
  • Making the best of it: Overcoming limitations in body language
  • But it is possible! Exerting influence in virtual negotiations
  • Always stay on top of things: The basic rules of virtual negotiation
  • Conclusion: Negotiating virtually is not worse. It is different.

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