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How to Find the Right Candidate 

Selecting Staff Professionally

After you have looked through the documents of your job applicants and sorted out who will be shortlisted, the most demanding part of the selection process awaits you: the interview. In a relatively short interview, you want to find out whether the candidate is suitable for - often long-term - employment in your company. Selection mistakes are expensive:

If you decide only on gut instinct and do not gain all the relevant information to make a realistic decision, you can quickly end up with a bad hire. A new job posting costs effort, time and money. This makes it clear how important it is to come to the most accurate conclusion possible in the interview.

In this two-day training program, you will receive tried and tested guidance on how to do this.
You will learn:

  • Why there should always be a second contact person in addition to yourself.
  • Which questions you can already read out in advance from certain positions of the application documents.
  • Caution. By which statements you, without meaning to, sow the seeds for a later frustration of your new employee
  • "I'll think it over..." How to make sure your candidate doesn't take an endless amount of time to think it over.
  • "He who asks, leads!" How you can ask the 20 most important questions with the help of a clear report
  • What you are no longer allowed to ask since the General Equal Treatment Act came into force 
  • How to deal with surprising moments when the applicant shares information with you that you did not expect or asks questions that you did not anticipate
  • How to avoid psychological evaluation errors and make objective decisions


Contents of the Training

  • Efficient preparation of the interview
  • Classical procedure of a job interview
  • Which external signals (e.g. body language) you should definitely pay attention to
  • How to properly follow up an interview
  • How to decide for a candidate
Trainer input, video-supported role plays, re-enactment of everyday job interviews

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