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Large Groups

When are large groups mobilized?
In the development of companies and organizations, situations arise time and again in which a reorientation for many employees is pending and comprehensive change management is required. The management level then has the task of efficiently and, above all, sustainably steering the entire system in a new direction within a short period of time. Especially in phases of change, the employees must stand behind a new management team, know and support a new strategy, or be sworn in during a paradigm shift in order to establish a promising workflow in the future.

Occasions for large group events
  • Change of management in the C-level
  • Serious market changes
  • New strategies for the company
  • Unexpected crisis or growth situations
  • Mergers & acquisitions
Large group events
The desired and necessary change processes are often announced and set in motion at large group events. The advantage of such a start is that the entire system jointly shapes and executes an essential change step in a binding manner. Nothing shapes a corporate culture like shared experiences. Interactive work conferences in large functional or departmental groups can be designed as unforgettable and lasting experiences. 
We distinguish between different defined methods. The most common are:

  • Open Space events
  • Change conferences (future conferences)
  • World-Café or Knowledge-Café 

In practice, mixed methods often prove useful.

The C-TO-BE experts for OD tailor your large group conferences individually to the specific situation and the objectives of your organization. Simplifying, we speak of change conferences, since it is always about change and the redesigning a common future.

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