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For Personnel Managers, Executives, and Team Leaders 

Professional Onboarding

Employee onboarding has developed into an HR discipline in its own right in recent years. This has been driven by the realization that valuable talent can be gone just as quickly as they were hired. At the same time, employees should become productive more quickly - regardless of whether they are new to the company or transferring internally. This can only be achieved through targeted and sustainable induction and social integration. In this seminar, you will learn how to make your employees and your company fit for the new job.

Participant group: Managers of specialist departments, personnel officers, HR Business Partners
  • You understand the importance of a structured onboarding program for your (new) employees, your teams and your company.
  • You will learn about the influencing factors that affect onboarding and the different roles and processes involved in onboarding.
  • You will learn which prerequisites must be maintained for successful onboarding and what an onboarding process can look like in concrete terms.
  • You will receive advice on procedures and tools that you can use to set up a successful onboarding program in your company and measure the most important key figures.
Contents of the Training

  • Professional onboarding: Long since compulsory and not a free skate
  • What exactly is onboarding?
  • Factors influencing the onboarding process
What motivates new employees, HR and the organization?
  • Career planning and changing needs
  • "The war for talents" and employer branding
  • Corporate culture and cultural fit
  • Minimizing early turnover
What drives the department and the team?
  • How do I integrate new employees into the team?
  • Mentors as important starting helpers
  • Social integration as a management task
  • Professional onboarding: achieving target performance quickly
Prerequisites for excellent onboarding
  • What promotes rapid integration?
  • Budget for onboarding: a must-have
  • Clearly defined structures and processes
  • Digital process support
  • Avoiding typical mistakes
Excellent onboarding: here's how to proceed
  • Designing the onboarding journey
  • Preboarding: Measures before starting work
  • Orientation: Making the first days positive
  • Integration: Targeted professional introduction and social integration
  • Supportive communication with new hires
  • Onboarding of young talents
  • Reboarding: Being new in the familiar
  • Offboarding: You always see each other twice

Trainer input, group and individual exercises, discussion with exchange of experiences, onboarding journey mapping and creation, best-practice examples, practical guide, work aids, and checklists

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