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Leading Online-Meetings and Web-Conferences as a Discussion Leader 

New! Facilitate Online Meetings Professionally

The virtual meeting has become an integral part of our daily work. New techniques and skills are required from team and project leaders in order to lead and facilitate virtual meetings professionally. Teams must learn to exchange ideas in web conferences in a goal-oriented manner and to achieve sustainable results.
Online meetings follow different rules and require different approaches than face-to-face (F2F) meetings. Learning by doing is possible, but is not optimal. If virtual work meetings are poorly facilitated and unproductive, employees will participate disinterestedly and unfocused, or remain isolated and demotivated. The impact on employee motivation and the success of a meeting is immense.
You will learn:

  • Practical tools for interactive motivational online meetings for national and international working groups, so that colleagues and business partners actively participate and every meeting adds value to the collaboration.
  • Participants can try out and apply various techniques and methods in a protected space. Leaders and professionals will move with greater confidence in the virtual space and create more lively meetings, making more effective use of online time.


Contents of the Training

  • Technology: Which online platform and tools do I use. How and when do I use them?
  • Kick-off session: Clarify basics and create a team spirit
  • Designing materials for the virtual space: Tips on design, attention spans, and varied media 
  • Virtual facilitation vs. facilitation in F2F meetings. The importance of listening in tips and rules for integrating and activating participants in meetings
  • The importance of voice in the virtual room. Practical exercises on the use of the voice
  • Creating closeness and trust in the virtual space: How do I create this?
  • Group dynamic processes in virtual collaboration and how the facilitator can react to them
  • The influence of cultural imprints and habits on collaboration in multicultural virtual teams: recommendations for action from intercultural practice
  • Documentation possibilities and the optimal use of asynchronous and synchronous forms of virtual collaboration

Course of the Training

1. 5 modules of 3 hours each with one trainer. In the first 90 minutes of each module the participants are: 
  • familiarized with the technology step by step
  • learning the difference to face-to-face meetings,
  • learning how to plan and design web conferences and which activating methods they can use
  • learning how to deal with difficult participants.

2. Each module is followed by a 90-minute, in-depth session in break-out rooms. The trainers are available there as learning process facilitators.

3. Module 6 is dedicated to practical transfer. Participants develop and present their own online meeting sequence in a 3-hour final workshop and receive expert feedback from two experienced online trainers and from the other participants.

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