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Since 2002, we have supported companies and organizations with consulting, coaching and training. We accompany change projects and facilitate your workshops. We offer a comprehensive range of services in the areas of Organizational Development, Management Training, Business Coaching, and Better Negotiating.

TAKE THE CHAIR! is our guiding principle. It means "taking responsibility", which we think fits our mission. We take responsibility for the success of the training in your companies, while the participants take responsibility for themselves. 

We look forward to meeting you! Jutta Portner, Agnes Kosmalski, Nina Trajanovska, & the team at C-TO-BE

Whether you want to develop your managers, train your sales staff, get your buyers in shape or "just" find an excellent coach for personal, one-on-one coaching, C-TO-BE is the right place for you.


> Organizational Development
> Management Training
> Business Coaching
> Better Negotiating

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We will put together the right package, taking into account the existing knowledge of your employees, the time you want to invest, and, of course, your budget.


C-TO-BE is one of the leading institutes for the establishment of a cooperative negotiation style in your company. We have expertise.
We have been training national and international negotiators for over 20 years. Whether you are a managing director, a project manager, a buyer, or a sales manager: Professionalize your negotiation skills with us. It's worth it.
We offer you:

> Negotiation Management
> Ghost Negotiating
> Negotiation Training
> Negotiation Coaching
> Flying Coach
> Virtual Negotiation


We currently offer two brand-new seminars on the topic of "Hybrid Working". Deepen your skills to perform confidently online:
"Facilitate Online Meetings Professionally"
"Train the Webinar Trainer"
We report on current topics in our blog - take a look!

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Book tips

For anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge, we recommend the specialist literature from C-TO-BE. Order directly from us now.

Virtual Negotiation. An Optimal Approach to Online Negotiations
Better Negotiating. The Training Book
Flexibel verhandeln. Die vier Fälle der NEGO-Strategie (German version)
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