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Workshop "Leading of Young and Experienced Talents" 

Successful Next-Generation Management

Demographic changes will lead to a massive shortage of skilled workers in the 2020s. At the same time, there will be new demands and expectations from employees in working life. The future interaction of different age groups in the world of work is characterized more than ever by variety and diversity, resulting in new challenges in personnel management. Managers will be called upon even more as leaders and must therefore not only be selected on the basis of their purely professional qualifications. Systematic generation management and the further development of corporate culture are therefore required. After all, balance between the different generations in cooperation can only be achieved through a corporate culture of appreciation in social interaction. In addition to the ability to work, the future viability of companies depends above all on the willingness to cooperate and the commitment of employees of all ages.
Successful generation management increases employer attractiveness and uses the potential of mixed-age workforces sustainably for the benefit of employees and companies. 

The workshop conveys concepts, instruments, and good practice approaches that provide orientation for the pragmatic implementation of generational management. 

Target group:
Managing directors, divisional managers, & middle management employees will address the following questions in the workshop: How does each manager deal with the mix of expectations from different generations (plus individual personalities)?

Contents of the Training

  • Understanding/awareness of the GenZ
  • How can I adapt my management style so that the GenZ feels well managed? - also in the context of freedom/trust
  • Giving up control
  • Ownership, but also: How do we manage the balancing act in the team, between the different age groups?
  • How do I channel this so that others don't suffer?
  • Designing a leadership repertoire that is flexible and appropriate to the target group, for example by giving feedback and listening

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