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The First 100 Days as a New Manager 

New to Leadership

The role of a manager requires new skills: In this training course, you will learn the most important leadership skills for entry-level management and thus lay the foundation for conscious and convincing leadership behavior in the future. Find a healthy balance between control and letting go, between demanding and encouraging and between your own demands and the needs of your employees and your team. With this extremely pragmatic training, which is condensed to the essentials, you will create the basis for conscious leadership behavior and convincing communication.
You will get to know tried and tested leadership tools, practice using them and develop your personal leadership style.

Target group:
Specialist and junior managers who will soon be taking on management responsibility, as well as newly appointed managers who want to develop their leadership skills.

Contents of the Training

Mastering the entry - shaping the role change
  • From technical expert to manager
  • Identifying with the new role
  • Practicing and reflecting on effective leadership styles
  • Looking at the employees: Meeting new expectations
  • Getting to know your own demands and inner drivers

Perceiving leadership tasks
  • New to leadership: setting and communicating goals
  • Success factor: Making the right decisions
  • Gaining resources - delegating tasks
  • Successfully motivating employees

Clear communication and effective leadership tools
  • Conversation training: Preparing and structuring conversations with employees professionally
  • Using feedback professionally as a management tool
  • When the going gets tough: conducting critical discussions
  • When things get tough: resolving conflicts successfully
  • When things get stuck: dealing with difficult employees

Developing your own team
  • Recognizing and managing team dynamics
  • Utilizing heterogeneity: Exploiting synergies
  • Creating clarity: Coordinating rules and agreements
  • Strengthen cooperation: Leading the team to joint performance

Multimedia theory input, self-assessments and reflection, feedback sessions, role plays, and exercises and exchange between participants.

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