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Keep Knowledge, Don't Lose It! 

Knowledge Management

Dealing with knowledge is increasingly gaining importance in our "knowledge society." Why? On one hand, existing knowledge becomes outdated at shorter intervals in a fast-paced era. On the other hand, companies risk being overwhelmed by information overload due to growing digitalization. Our specially designed knowledge management training assists you in identifying critical knowledge, securing it sustainably, and continually advancing it.

The need to structure and manage the diversity of topics is steadily rising. All departments within the organization experience the advantages of systematic knowledge management, whether it's applied to development, planning, quality and project management, or executive management.
This training equips you with the necessary tools to unlock existing knowledge and information potential. It provides you with proven methods and tools of knowledge management to help you effectively acquire information.

In our knowledge management training, we provide essential insights and practical solutions for a structured approach to knowledge within your organization. This ranges from the foundational elements of systematic knowledge management to the development of knowledge maps and the application of creative methods for generating new ideas, extending to the safeguarding of knowledge when knowledge holders depart. Practical exercises make the theoretical content tangible and assist you in optimizing the utilization of knowledge resources in your company.

Contents of the Training

Significance of knowledge management for companies

  • Definition of knowledge management
  • Defining, identifying, and structuring knowledge
  • Objectives of knowledge management in companies
  • Knowledge as intellectual capital

  • Overview of field-tested tools and methods
  • Databases
  • Acquiring and communicating knowledge through media

Continuing successful knowledge management
  • Identifying the right starting points
  • Role of the knowledge management leader
  • Overcoming resistance within the company
  • Initiating a knowledge management project
  • Importance of project marketing
  • Continuous knowledge management


Trainer input, practical simulations through role-playing and interactive experiential exercises, hands-on exercises for specific situations, analysis and discussions of case studies, participant-centered reflection.

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