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Trainer, Consultant, & Coach 

Bettina Kappe

  • Bettina Kappe has worked as a freelance international trainer and consultant with her company "Bettina Kappe Training und Beratung (Training and Consulting)" since 1988. Additionally, she works with various networks and is also active as a therapist for companies with "Psychologen-online".
Main Topics
  • Communication (conversation, negotiation, conflict management)
  • Leadership (setting goals, leading at a distance, agile leadership, etc.)
  • Personnel Development Consulting Facilitation and Support of Change processes and projects
  • Coaching on a wide range of topics (from AC preparation to therapeutic issues)
  • Stress Prevention and Resilience
  • Argumentation and Presentation
Trainer and Consultant Qualification
  • Certification EQ-i 2.0 further education EFT trainer (basic module)
  • Further training as a triadic career counsellor (FH Hannover)
  • Further training as a systemic counsellor/therapist (SG)
  • Further training as a systemic solution-oriented coach (NIK)
  • Studies in psychology - focus on communication psychology / marketing
  • Degree: Dipl. Psychologist - at the same time, a self-employed trainer and consultant
  • Participation in a high school graduation programme at co op Dortmund eG
  • Retail and office clerk
  • Graduate in business administration (VWA)
  • Comprehensive internal further education program

Professional Development 
  • Project Manager
  • Head of Department Human Resources Development
  • Self-employed trainer and consultant
  • Therapist (psychological services for companies)

Article "Finally Made it - How the Behaviour of Employees Changes Sustainably with the Help of the Zurich Resource Model" in "Schöne neue Arbeitswelt (Brave New Working World)" - editor Ute Roehl in the publishing house Jünger Medien ( 2017)
Article "Das Gesicht der Krise (The Face of the Crisis)" in "Professionelle Krisenkommunikation (Professional Crisis Communication)" by Jana Meißner and ed. Annika Schach in Springer Gabler Verlag (2019) and new edition (2022)

Training Languages
German and English
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