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Is Your Team a High-Performance Team? 

The Team Management System


Team Management Systems (TMS) stands for a model of systemic organizational and human resource development developed by Australian scientists Charles Margerison and Dick McCann in the mid-1980s. 

TMS describes the preferred behavior of people while working. It is based on a self-descriptive personality test (also called TMP - Team Management Profile) with statements on decision-making, information processing, and organizational and communication behavior. 

Companies all over the world use the Team Management Profile to make their workers more productive, increase their effectiveness and achieve a more appreciative way of dealing with each other. Over 1.25 million profiles have been created in more than 160 countries over the past forty years, making the Team Management Profile one of the leading tools for improving self-management and enhancing team performance.
The Team Management Profile is a detailed feedback of personal work preferences. It is based on a 60-question questionnaire that has been proven to be valid, reliable, and usable through extensive research.
In the first step, activities that are important for success in teams are first mapped in the wheel of work functions. In the second step, the Team Management Wheel describes eight associated team roles. These team roles must be filled in order to have a successfully functioning team. In addition, there is the overarching requirement to connect the work functions and the people in the team. The Team Management System describes this task area with 13 skills, the so-called "linking skills". Each team member will set their own priorities on how to improve overall team performance through open communication and constructive behavior.


You can get your own Team Management Profile via C-TO-BE. THE COACHING COMPANY. First, you will receive the access data for an online questionnaire, which will take about 20 minutes to complete. With the help of software, this questionnaire will yield an individual evaluation comprising 28-30 pages. In an evaluation meeting, we will answer your questions about the profile and discuss the results with regard to the issues that are important for you and your work within your team.


In a joint workshop, the team members find out which roles are mapped in their team, where there are still gaps, and work together to find answers to questions that arise from the team composition. 

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