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Mental and Physical Exercises for Inner Strength in Business 



The heart beats like mad. The stomach clenches. Burden weighs heavily on the shoulders. Psychological stresses have a direct effect on the body. It works the same the way around. Embodiment - according to Maja Storch (University of Zurich) and Wolfgang Tschacher (University of Bern) - is based on understanding the interaction of the body and the psyche.

Coaching and training in a professional environment is usually very academic. Theories and conversations are used to analyze, develop, and implement. As a rule, we leave our body, as an elementary component, completely out of the equation.
This is a pity, because by also perceiving our body and its effect on human thinking, feeling, acting, and using it as a valuable tool, we accelerate Change Processes and make them more sustainable. Through this, participants strengthen their self-efficacy and lift their spirits. 


Small movements, so-called "micro-movements", can be reminders for personal goals. Practiced regularly, participants strengthen their self-efficacy and lift their mood. In coaching and training, we consistently involve the body wherever possible and appropriate. We work with mindfulness exercises, relaxation techniques, and look for suitable gestures with you as anchor points for your goals.

Who are our experts?

Together with yoga teacher Alex Eichhorn and yoga teacher Stefanie Konrad, we have developed the 4-step concept "Mind Body Connection" to connect body and mind in stressful situations:


  • Module 1: Breathing exercises
  • Module 2: Office Yoga
  • Module 3: Meditation
  • Module 4: Best Practice & Embodiment

Our participants are mobilized after seminar breaks for 15-minute sessions. A wonderful energizer after sitting for a long time in the seminar.

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