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Passing on Knowledge Competently 

Train the Trainer

The 3 pillars of training: Training conception. Training didactics. Professional appearance of a trainer
We have been working in the field of professional training for many years. During this time, we have had mostly positive experiences. We saw difficult situations as opportunities from which we could learn and further develop. It is our goal to pass on the experience we have gained to committed and young trainees.

We pass on our knowledge
Many trainers guard their knowledge like the apple of their eye. They are afraid that ideas and know-how will be stolen. We see it differently. We are happy to pass on what we know, because we are still learning something new day by day ... and always a lot from our participants.

Only those who give with pleasure will get something back in return.

Seek, test, and recommend innovative ideas
We have the advantage of being a large network of trainers. Our feelers are out in all directions at all times, and we are constantly sounding out new currents in the training market. Every two months we hold a virtual fireside evening where trainers exchange ideas and share new experiences. An important topic in recent years has been leading online training. Agile working has also been shaping collaboration in companies for some time. Last but not least, hybrid collaboration in teams is considered a major challenge for managers.

Training OFFERS

Always up-to-date: C-TO-BE Info-Workshops
At regular intervals, we offer half-day workshops on all topics of the new working world for consultants, trainers, and interested personnel developers. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us!

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Book tips

For anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge, we recommend the specialist literature from C-TO-BE. Order directly from us now.

Virtual Negotiation. An Optimal Approach to Online Negotiations
Better Negotiating. The Training Book
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