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Passing on Knowledge Competently 

Train the Trainer - A Trainer Training In Three Modules

You already have some training experience.  What you want now:

Methodological-didactic competencies: Gain confidence in the conception and implementation of trainings, professionalize the process, and optimize follow-up and transfer assurance.

Communicative competencies: Targeted feedback, potential orientation,, action repertoire for difficult training situations, and knowing personal means of impact and using them in a result-oriented manner.

Contents of the Training

Initial workshop - self-image in the role as trainer
  • Basics of communication and learning psychology
  • The Team Management System according to Margerison/McCann - discovering and reaching different learning types
  • Development of company-specific rules as a behavioral basis for all trainings
Module 1 - Self-confidence in the role of the trainer
  • Confident rhetoric in front of groups
  • Conducting professional discussions with all participants
  • Effective use of questioning techniques
  • Presentation techniques
  • Mix of methods and media in training
  • Facilitation techniques
Module 2 - Scenario and dramaturgy of a training course
  • Needs-oriented conception and development of training measures
  • Converting training objectives into a content structure, securing results and transfers
  • Specific training methodology
  • Motivation in training: tips and tricks for activating participants
  • Method toolbox: additional exercises, ice-breakers, and pick-me-ups
Module 3 - Intervention options in critical training situations
  • Recognizing group dynamic tendencies
  • The momentum of disturbances
  • Getting to know different feedback systems
  • Coaching and development of individuals and groups
  • Dealing with "difficult" participants
  • Conflict management in the seminar
Final workshop - transfer of training contents into practice
  • Getting to know different transfer models
  • Developing a specific transfer toolkit

Continuous alternation of information and training, high practical orientation through multiple microteachings of the participants, video analysis and multiple reflection of personal trainer skills, tips, recommendations, and suggestions for effective design of trainings

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