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Increase Negotiation Skills for Financing Negotiations 

Negotiate Prices and Conditions

Negotiating the price and conditions is an elementary part of almost all professional collaborations. The outcome of a financing negotiation often determines whether a future collaboration will occur. 
If you know how to approach this important negotiation phase strategically, you can decide the price negotiation in your favor and enforce your price expectations. The training provides you with important success factors and proven strategies for your condition and price negotiations.
For example, you will learn how you can avoid the conflict-laden escalation of a price negotiation in advance and how value-oriented argumentation can help you to substantiate your prices. You will also learn how to deal professionally with common tactics and tricks.

In addition, we will help you to achieve your negotiating objectives by developing and strengthening your own powers of persuasion.

Contents of the Training

  • Optimal preparation for financing negotiations
  • Opportunities and risks when negotiating conditions
  • Professional de-escalation strategies to avoid dead ends
  • Dealing with the tricks and tactics of tough negotiating partners
  • The psychology of influence - recognizing and fending off attempts at manipulation

  • You will review your negotiating style and increase your ability to proceed systematically and purposefully in order to achieve optimal conditions and prices.
  • Each participant will receive a copy of Jutta Portner's book "Flexibel verhandeln. Die vier Fälle der NEGO-Strategie" (published by Gabal Verlag in 2017) as a training aid.
  • Practical training with numerous exercises, role plays and direct feedback.
  • Keynote speeches, group and individual work, simulations with video recording and analysis.
  • The focus of the training can vary depending on the needs of the participants.
  • You will have the opportunity to share your experiences with professional support.

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