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Efficient and Realistic 

Negotiation Simulation With Business Actors

In this workshop, you will benefit from the many advantages that a professional actor can offer you. Their in-depth training enables them to quickly find their way into any role you require. He can give you tips on body language and feedback from the role of the negotiating partner. In addition, an experienced negotiation expert will teach you the basics of negotiating and will answer individual questions.
The Business Actor practices the acquired knowledge with you. This will strengthen your negotiation skills and prepare you for the real situation. All simulations can be held in German or English. 

Let yourself be surprised and challenged by the ever-changing ideas of your "sparring partner". The constructive feedback from the negotiation expert will help you to expand your scope and gain confidence.

Contents of the Training

  • Fundamentals of negotiation styles and strategies: competitive and cooperative negotiation and the negotiation process
  • The Harvard concept: proven method of cooperative negotiation
  • Efficient results through negotiation analysis
  • Recognize tactics and manipulations and react optimally
  • Using body language in a targeted manner and consciously controlling the negotiating atmosphere 

Reflection and Application

  • Analyze difficult negotiation situations from your everyday life
  • Developing de-escalation strategies for your own negotiation cases
  • Negotiating in English on request
  • Action plan - use optimized negotiation strategies in the future



  • Professional trainer input with video analysis
  • Practice upcoming negotiations
  • Previous negotiations that have gone wrong can be analyzed
  • New negotiation behavior can be tried out
  • Practice dealing with difficult characters: stubborn/choleric/dominant negotiating partners

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