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How to do Business With Germany 

Intercultural Competence in Germany

Germany is Europe’s largest economy and a profitable place to do business, where facts, task-orientation and direct communication play central roles. Become aware of the common issues caused by cultural differences in working practices and communication styles and develop a detailed understanding of German and Bavarian cultural expectations of business and social behaviors.
This course will be of benefit to you if you are employed and are:
  • Collaborating on a project with German colleagues
  • Involved in establishing a project with German partners
  • Regularly required to communicate remotely with German counterparts

Content of the Training

  • German culture: religion, language, beliefs, and customs
  • Key German cultural values and attitudes in the workplace: organization, fact and task orientation, rationality, individualism, work and social spheres, responsibility, and consensus
  • Interpreting and adapting to the German mindset
  • Building successful business relationships with German counterparts
  • Working practices in German business: structure and established protocol, hierarchy and status meetings and the decision-making process
  • Communicating effectively with Germans: addressing others, directness, low context, non-verbal communication, greetings, and degrees of formality
  • Effective virtual communication: challenges, tips, and best practice
  • Practical tips on preventing and dealing with cultural clash and conflict
  • Potential challenges of working with Germans and practical solutions

Interactive mix of background information and practical exercises, practical communication strategies for collaborating with your German colleagues, and partners and suppliers
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Book tips

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