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Creativity Techniques - Creative Problem Solving

Creativity - that's for weirdos, for the crazies in culture and art, in marketing and advertising, but management and creativity? That doesn't go together! Or do they? A multitude of changes in politics and society, the economy and the market, as well as rapid technological developments enable and force today's managers to make their organizations lean and flexible, and to give employees more leeway for commitment, responsibility, and creativity.
Creative employees mean flexibility and success for the company. Going new ways also means getting involved in new and undreamt-of perspectives. In this training we optimize your individual creativity and the creativity of groups.

We want to stimulate you through different concepts, stories, and experiments and convince you to think in a new way.

Contents of the Training

Leadership and creativity
  • What does creativity mean in the company?
  • Learn to think in a networked, all-encompassing, conceptual, and intuitive way!

Creativity theory
  • Belief systems, perspectives, and creativity in everyday life
  • Creativity strategies: practice-proven and usable!
Fit for creativity
  • Stress management: Blockades and their resolution
  • Imagineering and intuition: Train your visual perception
  • Training all channels of perception
Methods and techniques for brainstorming
  • Brainstorming and mindmapping: well-known and well-tried?!
  • 6-3-5 or collective notebook
  • The Osborne checklist
  • The spectrum method or the booze corkscrew
  • The Force-Fit-Method or forced relatedness encourages creativity!
  • The Morphological Matrix or where does the "Ritter-Sport-Chocolate" come from?
  • The Tilmag method
  • The progressive abstraction
  • "Bionics" or what does nature show us?
  • The synectic excursion or via the detour to the goal!
From the idea to the implementation in the operational practice
  • Procedure of "Crea-Sessions"
  • Tips and tricks for facilitators of "Crea-Groups"
  • Evaluation checklists
  • How to sell ideas
Short presentations, discussions, individual and group work, and practical exercises on concrete situations from the business environment

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