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Ready for Turbulent Times 

Changeability - How Managers Strengthen Themselves and Employees in Times of Change

In everyday business life, nothing is as reliable as change. Whether through job rotation, adjustments to the product or customer portfolio, or other new organizational developments, as a manager, you are often just as personally affected as your employees. Dealing constructively with change is a constant challenge, especially in your role model function.
In this training course, you will reflect on the way in which you personally deal with change. You will learn about effective tools based on the latest findings in neuroscience. If you are familiar with the Zurich Resource Model and can apply it confidently, you and your employees will remain strong and able to act even in turbulent times.

Contents of the Training

The participants...
  • understand the dynamics of change
  • reflect on their personal change competence
  • get to know tools from the Zurich Resource Model to increase "changeability"
  • develop behavioral options for dealing with uncertainty and frustration
  • build up a personal pool of resources
  • proactively design their own change process
  • integrate the new behavioral patterns into everyday life
  • can professionally support employees in change processes

  • Participants also include unconscious parts and needs in their personal assessment. This means that the training is close to them and does not get lost in abstraction
  • Attitudinal rather than behavioral goals are formulated. This increases the motivation to put things into practice.
  • Existing resources are identified and integrated into the pre-actional preparation.
  • There is multi-coding. This means that several resources are activated and used at the same time. This makes them much more sustainable.
  • Embodiment brings the goals into the body. They can be anchored through micromovements and called up at any time as a mobile reminder.
Theoretical input, working with the Zurich Resource Model

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