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Trainer, Consultant, & Speaker 

Dr. Noémie Hermeking

  • Since 2011: Intercultural trainer, consultant and speaker
Main Topics
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Communication Styles (cross-cultural/inclusive)
  • Working in Multicultural Teams
  • Understanding Misunderstandings
  • Stereotypes, Prejudices, Bias
  • Intercultural Preparation Abroad (France, Ireland, USA, Canada/South Korea)
  • Intercultural Training "Arriving in Germany"
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Trainer and Consultant Qualification 
  • On-the-job training at Ethnology in Schools and Adult Education e.V.
  • Conception and implementation of intercultural trainings and Train the Trainer measures

Professional Development
  • Over 15 years of professional experience in project management and adult education as a senior project manager, research assistant and manager, lecturer, as well as a diversity consultant for companies, associations, foundations, colleges, and universities
  • Dr. phil. (PhD), sociocultural anthropology, Indiana University Bloomington (Indiana, USA)
  • M.A. sociocultural anthropology and ethnology, EHESS (Paris, FR)

Publications (excerpt)
  • "Pardon my French, or What it Means to be a Good Communicator in France". Freiberg Contributions. Peter Lang Verlag. (expected 2023)
  • "What Does Integrity Have to do With it? Experiences From the Second Year of the Path2Integrity e-learning Program". Noémie Hermeking and Julia Priess-Buchheit. FACETS. (2022)
  • "Intercultural Competence Training for Organisations Working with Newly Arrived Refugees in Germany". In: Applied anthropology: perspectives of an application-oriented science. 393-405. Springer Verlag. (2019)
  • "Where are you from?" -  'Or the importance of intercultural competence for identity construction', Lodz Papers in Pragmatics. 10.1:147-161.Versita. (2014)

Training languages .
German, French, and English
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