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The Customer Pays Your Salary! 

The Customer - Your Most Important Asset

The services that your company provides only obtain their value from the customer who buys these services. If products and services do not find a buyer, then companies cannot survive. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to optimize your own attitude and relationship with the customer.
Identifying the needs of internal and external customers and ensuring their enthusiasm is an exciting challenge and vital for any business.

Contents of the Training

  • The sense and nonsense of customer orientation
  • Customer orientation as a market strategy
  • The satisfied customer: Always the main strategic goal
  • Important theses and findings on customer orientation
  • The trend: Customer retention instead of new customer acquisition
  • Conducting effective customer conversations
  • Dealing with questioning techniques
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Checklist for new ideas

Trainer input, exchange of experiences, and video-supported role plays

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