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Revolution in Customer Contact 

Key Account Management (KAM) ... As Relationship Management

In this seminar, strategies and behaviors of the relationship manager are trained and personally reflected.
As the social competence of the KAM grows, customer relationships become more intensive and sustainable, and customer discussions are more successful.
The relationship manager is not a salesperson, but a partner of the customer. He or she establishes genuine contact with the customer, characterized by mutual appreciation. He/she plays a central role in the development process of his/her customers, as a sparring partner and coach on many issues of corporate development.

Contents of the Training

  • Creating a proactive inner attitude for different situations in customer contact
  • Releasing self-limitations and negative/critical inner beliefs in order to move towards a convincing and trustworthy behavior
  • Clarity in one's own goals, behavioral freedom in action
  • Sharpening the ability to perceive others
  • Recognizing and adjusting to the different perception, thinking and action strategies of customers
  • Being able to use one's own strengths even in critical situations
  • Strengthening the ability to establish and maintain intensive contacts in the shortest time possible
Short theoretical inputs (lecture, teaching and group discussions), many practical exercises, exchange of experiences, participant and trainer feedbacks

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