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We Think in 3 Dimensions 

Negotiation Management

Negotiation advice helps you with:

  • mergers & acquisitions 
  • the planning of purchasing and sales strategies 
  • annual meetings with customers and suppliers
  • salary negotiations and contract drafting
  • de-escalation of critical situations
  • sensitive issues whose outcome is monitored by the public

How do we proceed in a 3D negotiation consultation?
The term “3-D negotiation” was coined by David A. Lax and James K. Sebenius from Harvard Business School. Twenty years of negotiation experience flow into the 3-D concept they developed, which states that there are not just two, but three dimensions of effective negotiation. In our negotiation consulting, we focus on all three dimensions:

1. Dimension: We stake out the field together with you 
When it comes to negotiating, most people probably think of the direct discussion: exchanging positions and finding a compromise that is acceptable to both parties. However, aspects such as communication, demeanor, body language, and negotiation tactics play at least as important a role.
2. Dimension: We support you with professional preparation 
Negotiators decide as early as the preparation stage whether they see the other side as a partner or an opponent. They plan the negotiation objective, the arguments and possible concessions accordingly.
Information about the other side is obtained. Negotiating teams and their decision-making powers are defined, and a joint strategy is agreed. Good preparation is half the battle!


3. Dimension: How to gain support in pre-negotiations 
In order to be even more successful in negotiations, negotiation professionals form coalitions, forge alliances, secure support from higher hierarchies or improve their BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement).

Together with you, we examine all three dimensions of negotiation, so you will be ideally prepared.

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